Wednesday, July 30, 2014

Sewing With Border Prints

In the heat of summer, we are looking for new ways to inspire you - to keep you excited about sewing! We have so much amazing fabric that one is bound to be overwhelmed when stepping through the Stonemountain doors. Our newsletter gives us a chance to highlight some of the amazing fabric we have in store that you may have missed on your last visit.
This week in the newsletter, we're taking a look at fabrics with border prints. These unexpected fabrics are great for quilting and garment sewing. Get creative and play with your fabric! 
Always Creatively Yours,

Suzan Steinberg,

As you probably know, it can feel like you are stepping into a sea of fabric when walking through the doors of Stonemountain! We are jam-packed with so much amazing fabric that even customers who visit us multiple times a week find new things with each visit. It's easy to overlook even the most incredible, one-of-a-kind pieces in this ocean of beautiful textiles, which is why we're taking this opportunity to talk about the fun and uniqueness of border prints.

Unrolling these lovelies can give them a whole new life and bring you new inspiration to sew. Here are just a few of the many gorgeous border fabrics we offer, but believe us - there are many more where these came from!


We have countless patterns in stock that work well for fabrics with embroidered and printed borders. A skirt is a great way to utilize this design element, but borders work just as well for blouses, tunics and even pants. The great part about sewing for yourself is that YOU are the designer. Let's get creative with those borders!

Here are some of our great independent patterns that are perfect for border prints.   

Check out our 101, 102 & 250 classes!

We offer classes every day of the year, for every kind of sewist - beginner, advanced, crafters, quilters and garment makers and everyone in between. Why do we talk about these classes so much? Because they are our most versatile ones. Students have worked on wedding dresses, costumes, a challenging fabric/project, unfinished projects, quilts, holiday gifts alterations; Its the "Beyond" of Beginning & Beyond! Depending on your skill level and the project difficulty, you can retake 101, 102 and 250 until you are done.

We can help you realize your sewing dreams!
Give us a call at (510) 845-6106, stop by the store or visit our website to learn more.

Talk about using borders!
Read along with the Fabric Lady blog to see how she is selvage edges...
The September 2014 issue of Threads Magazine features an article about making use of the selvage edges of fabrics to incorporate into your designs. We were intrigued with this notion, since most of us remember our mothers making us cut off those "ugly" edges before we even started our projects... Read more at

Wednesday, July 16, 2014

All About Eco

   A NOTE FROM SUZAN                         

At Stonemountain & Daughter we have so many wonderful communities which we serve. Beyond Quilters, Garment Sewers and Crafters, we also have gift-makers, fashion designers, local churches, teachers, restaurants, and so many more. We love to hear what our customers are making because it defines us and the fabrics we carry, since we choose them especially for YOU.

We have been lucky enough to have thrived in our Berkeley home for 33 years and we owe it all to our diverse community of makers. In our newsletter this week, we are highlighting a special group of fabrics that we know are important to many of our customers - Organic and Eco-friendly fabrics.      
Thank you for reading! 
Always Creatively Yours,

Suzan Steinberg,

At Stonemountain, an Eco-friendly fabric is one made from sustainable, renewable resources. These fibers include organic cotton, hemp, flax (linen), bamboo, soy, alpaca and a few other animal-based fibers. While many of these fibers are inherently renewable, it is important to also consider how they are grown, sourced and processed. While we can't fill our store with Eco-friendly and Organic fabrics, we do our best to give you options when shopping Eco with us. 

Few people consider the sourcing and processing of their fabrics, but a growing awareness of what goes into our fabric, as well as into the environment has created a surge in interest in Organic & Eco-friendly options. While the dyes remain synthetic, some manufacturers opt to use low-impact dyes. While the color saturation of these fabrics may not be as intense as their counterparts, the softer tones are pleasing to both the eye and the conscience!

Take a look at some of the Eco Fabrics we carry in the store, or better yet, stop by and feel them for yourself!

We carry a range of Organic and ECO Cottons and Cotton Blends, perfect for everything from home decor to garment sewing and everything in between.  

You can truly feel the difference!


Our Eco Knits are made from bamboo, organic cotton and hemp, as well as Lycra and spandex blends. These comfy knits come in a variety of solids and stripes and are perfect for t-shirts, leggings, maxi skirts and more!   

Looking for sewing inspiration?
This simple knit skirt is the reason why we want you to dust off your sewing machines and start sewing!  Sewing for yourself saves money and you can find almost any look and style in a similar pattern.  Stonemountain has a wealth of pattern choices and fabrics for your travel wardrobe. . . Read more on Suzan's Fabric Lady blog

Can't get enough?
Check out more of the patterns used on Suzan's Fabric Lady blog!

New Look 6407
Christine Jonson BaseWearOne 622
Burda 8281
Amy Butler
Liverpool Shirt

Wednesday, July 2, 2014

Put the NEW in New York

   A NOTE FROM SUZAN                         

I've just returned from a whirlwind trip to New York City, feeling inspired and invigorated by all of the NEW-ness in the Big City. It's such an amazing place - constantly shifting and growing, producing an abundance of fresh things to do and see, all exciting to the senses. Did I mention the incredible FABRICS?!
I was in fabric buying heaven! And the best part is that it's all coming back to Stonemountain for you! Take a look at some snapshots of my trip below.    

In this week's newsletter we want to share some of the NEW that is inspiring us at Stonemountain. What NEW patterns, fabrics and trends are inspiring your sewing this summer? 
Thank you! 
Always Creatively Yours,

Suzan Steinberg,

Pamela's Patterns - The Perfect T-shirt
We at Stonemountain LOVE T-shirts. They go with everything, are easy to make (see our Knit Know How class), travel well, move with you and can be made in any of our delicious knits. Suzan recently discovered her new favorite T-shirt pattern: The Perfect T-Shirt by Pamala's Patterns. This pattern has three neck variations and four sleeve lengths. Need more options? The New Necklines and Sleeves For The Perfect T-shirt Pattern supplements the Perfect T-pattern with four additional necklines -  ballet neck, boat neck, square neck, and funnel neck along with two more sleeve styles, the flare sleeve and bell sleeve can be mixed and matched to fit your dream T-shirt.

On her Fabric Lady blog, Suzan, talks about this wonderful and truly perfect T-shirt. Click here to read more!

We are seeing a resurgence of "women's work" in the next generation of Crafters, specifically the craft of cross stitch. No longer only flowers and pleasant phrases, modern cross stitchers are expressing their femininity and power through provocative words and designs filled with irony, blunt honesty and a little bit of surly swearing.

In 2003, Julie Jackson began cross stitching her true feelings as a means of anger management. Since then she has created a business designing cross stitch patterns and introducing men and women alike to the sassy side of the craft with her company, Subversive Cross Stitch.

We now carry ten different Subversive Cross Stitch kits, which vary in their punk rock attitude from the rather tame to the more explicit. Each kit includes pattern, instructions, material and pre-cut thread - hoops and needles sold separately.

Hand embroidering can be applied to all kinds of crafts, clothing and quilts.
But where to start? Patterns, pattern transferring, the right fabric, those hoops, that thread, which needles, so many different stitches... sometimes you need more than a Youtube video or a DIY tutorial to become comfortable with this versatile art. Our *NEW* classes on this handy-craft are taught by veteran crafter, Dianna LaFerry, choose from three options, or take them all!

430: Learn to Hand Embroider a Tea Towel with Dianna LaFerry - Learn the basics and make a quick gift for someone you love or yourself in this 1 1/2 hour class using Dianna's embroidery transfers. No prior sewing experience necessary!

431: Hand Embroidery Lecture and Lounge with Dianna LaFerry - A short lecture and relaxing Q&A for beginners and experienced stitchers. Learn about embroidery and bring in your own project to talk about and share.

432: Hand Embroidery on Ready-to-Wear with Dianna LaFerry- Learn to personalize and embellish your garments (or a pillowcase) with a pattern transfer of your choice with information on stabilizers, the best stitching methods and more.

For Quilters and The Quilt-Curious  
749: Those Hand Quilting Stitches with Angie Woolman - The hand quilting stitch can be used to take a simple quilt and make it impressive but it needs a full demo and in-class practice. Learn how to transfer a design to your quilt, choose the right thread and batting, and add a design to your quilt top.  

Need more reasons to learn embroidery? Check out Dianna's blog post on the top five reasons why you should get more embroidery in your life.

These pants are made for travel...
Whether you're a beginning sewist or a seasoned veteran, you need not cry out, "What am I going to pack!" We've got a few ideas for fabric choices and some simple garments just the right style for your travel adventures. Let's start by focusing on pants, the "no-brainer" travel wardrobe garment. This must have item can be easy to make and there are tons of great fabric choices - don't over think it!... Read more at