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All About Eco

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At Stonemountain & Daughter we have so many wonderful communities which we serve. Beyond Quilters, Garment Sewers and Crafters, we also have gift-makers, fashion designers, local churches, teachers, restaurants, and so many more. We love to hear what our customers are making because it defines us and the fabrics we carry, since we choose them especially for YOU.

We have been lucky enough to have thrived in our Berkeley home for 33 years and we owe it all to our diverse community of makers. In our newsletter this week, we are highlighting a special group of fabrics that we know are important to many of our customers - Organic and Eco-friendly fabrics.      
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Suzan Steinberg,

At Stonemountain, an Eco-friendly fabric is one made from sustainable, renewable resources. These fibers include organic cotton, hemp, flax (linen), bamboo, soy, alpaca and a few other animal-based fibers. While many of these fibers are inherently renewable, it is important to also consider how they are grown, sourced and processed. While we can't fill our store with Eco-friendly and Organic fabrics, we do our best to give you options when shopping Eco with us. 

Few people consider the sourcing and processing of their fabrics, but a growing awareness of what goes into our fabric, as well as into the environment has created a surge in interest in Organic & Eco-friendly options. While the dyes remain synthetic, some manufacturers opt to use low-impact dyes. While the color saturation of these fabrics may not be as intense as their counterparts, the softer tones are pleasing to both the eye and the conscience!

Take a look at some of the Eco Fabrics we carry in the store, or better yet, stop by and feel them for yourself!

We carry a range of Organic and ECO Cottons and Cotton Blends, perfect for everything from home decor to garment sewing and everything in between.  

You can truly feel the difference!


Our Eco Knits are made from bamboo, organic cotton and hemp, as well as Lycra and spandex blends. These comfy knits come in a variety of solids and stripes and are perfect for t-shirts, leggings, maxi skirts and more!   

Looking for sewing inspiration?
This simple knit skirt is the reason why we want you to dust off your sewing machines and start sewing!  Sewing for yourself saves money and you can find almost any look and style in a similar pattern.  Stonemountain has a wealth of pattern choices and fabrics for your travel wardrobe. . . Read more on Suzan's Fabric Lady blog

Can't get enough?
Check out more of the patterns used on Suzan's Fabric Lady blog!

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