Tuesday, September 23, 2014

Getting Started!

 This week's theme is all about Getting Started!

As we approach the end of Summer, we want to help you prepare for the months ahead. School is starting and we have the holidays to think about, but we also want to help inspire you to get started on some new projects with fresh, fun and funky ideas for Fall.

Be sure to check in with Suzan over at the Fabric Lady blog for ideas for adding some funk to your wardrobe and see how our buyer, Natalie, is doing with her Making A Quilted Coat series. Read about our amazing Techniques Classes and how you can take your sewing to the next level.

Ready. Set. SEW!
Always Creatively Yours,

Suzan Steinberg,

Fall is coming and it's time to get started on some new projects...

For many of us (who aren't living in California) the coming of Fall means a big shift in our wardrobe. We look to layers of cozy scarves and sweaters to keep us comfortable as the seasons shift from long hot days to cooler, crisp, early afternoons. But, just because we'll be wearing more clothing, doesn't mean we have to feel weighed down. We have some fun, fresh and funky ideas for your Fall sewing, starting with some patterns and fabric choices.
We chose these fabrics as an example of how you can mix & match to create interesting combinations. While these fabrics may differ in style, they are brought together by a shared color palette of oranges and blues. These complementary colors play well together and add interest for the eye. Creating a funky garment is as easy as choosing a simple pattern, like one of our options below, and focusing on the details.

Consider using a contrasting fabric for pockets or cuffs and check out our bias tape and trim sections for finishing hems and necklines. Something as small as a unique button can take your garment from 'ready-to-wear' to wearable art!

When people ask, "Where did you get that?" You can say, "I made it!"
Interested in more Funky inspiration?
This month, you can find us over at the Fabric Lady and Stonemountain Fabric blogging about how to get Funky for Fall. Stay with us to see what we're up to in the sewing studio and share your own projects with us! We always love to see what you're up to with our fabrics, so feel free to send us pictures of your own Funky for Fall projects, whether its quilting, crafting or garment sewing.

And now you can even share with us on Instagram!
Follow us @stonemountainfabric and use hashtag #stonemountainfabric to tag your photos. We love to post customer projects on our Facebook, so come on and share the fabric love!

Do you have what you need to go back to school?  

We have students and teachers from all walks of life come through our door. From preschool to grad school and everywhere in between, we are a great resource for supplies like muslin, notions, patterns and anything else you may need. 
If you've completed one or more of our intro to sewing courses and would like to step your sewing up to the next level, we offer a range of technique-focused classes to help you hone your sewing skills. Sign up for one or more of our upcoming Sewing Techniques classes and you'll be well on your way to becoming a master sewist!  

Learn the tools and tricks of working with knit fabrics! Choose one of our recommended patterns and make a great tee, camisole or skirt as you learn to work with these versatile fabrics.

303: Couture Techniques with Barbara Beccio
In this workshop, you will learn couture sewing methods to add details to your garments. Take this and Couture Techniques II for the full couture experience.
311: Fearless Zippers with Terry McClintock
Stop zipper intimidation with this incredibly helpful workshop. If you know how to sew, and are ready to add professional looking zippers to your garments, this class is for you.
313: Effortless Pleats & Tucks with Barbara Beccio
Learn all about pleats and tucks and how to add them to your garment, quilting or craft projects.

390: Intro to Serger /Overlock Sewing Machine
An overlock sewing machine, or serger, is a great companion to your regular sewing machine. Great for knits and finishing seams, add versatility and polish to sewing projects with this new expertise. Experience how serging can take projects to the next level in our machine-equipped classroom.
As the designers for Fashion in Harmony, a pattern company specializing in the bias cut, Julianne and Susan are experts at finishing bias-cut garments. Learn their favorite ways to elegantly finish necklines and hems.  

Don't look now, but the Holidays are just around the corner...

Believe it or not, Halloween is coming and as you can imagine, it's our busiest time of the year. We can't tell you how many customers we have come in to buy fabric for their costume ideas, and try as we might, sometimes we just can't get what you need in time for the big day. We want you to know that it's never too early to start planning for your Halloween costumes, Thanksgiving Day table linens and Holiday gift giving.

We do our best to keep all of the basics stocked, but if there is a specific fabric, trim or notion that you need, don't hesitate to ask. The sooner, the better!

Call (510) 845-6106, email us at fabriclady3@gmail.com or stop by the store!

Read about what Suzan and her seamstess, Laurel are getting into next...
"When our customers come in to look at our pattern books, they find all manner of styles and designers for all levels of sewing experience. Stonemountain & Daughter Fabrics has one of the largest inventories of independent pattern designers and we often choose these innovative designs for my wardrobe (many are listed in our on-line store).

"But I also love to try designs from our larger brand patters such as Burda, Vogue, and NewLook. Although most of the Vogue designs (Stonemountain discounts all Vogue patterns 50% everyday!) tend to be a little more intricate with the seaming and design details, I do love the simple designs featured in the other pattern company books as well..." Read more at FabricLady3.blogspot.com

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