Tuesday, September 23, 2014

Halloween How To: Fun With Furry Animals

Everyone likes cute and cuddly creatures. Furry, fluffy and round, they are a favorite of young kids.

While faux fur outfits look great there are a few caveats: Faux fur usually has a nap (the fur going in one direction, like a real animal) so often you need more fabric for a pattern or project than a fabric without nap. Faux fur can run between $24-$36 per yard which can make the three or so yards needed for a kid's pattern $72-$108 for something they may only wear once. Faux fur is made with polyester fiber which means it is warm, which is great for cold weather, but it also does not breathe well so active kids can get hot and sweaty quickly in a fur outfit. Faux fur can be tricky to cut and sew for the beginner since it is a knit, it is bulky to sew and if you cut it with scissors there is a lot of fluff! We don't want to deter furry animal costumes, only explore some options that will help you achieve your fur-tastic look!

The trick is to look like an animal but be comfortable and affordable. A great alternative to the full fur suit is fur trim. A leopard print hoodie and sweatpants becomes and instant big cat with leopard fur trim at the wrists, cuffs, as a tail and made into ears.

Hoodies make great bases for animal costumes and are easy for adding trim. Sew or pin on a stripe of white fur trim to a black hoodie or hooded cape and you have "INSTA-SKUNK"!

Fur ears made from fur trim is easy, just loop it around on itself and sew, safety pin or hot glue it together. Add pink felt on the inside as a fun detail. Bunny ears, bear ears, cat and dog ears can all be made this way using different widths of fur trim or strips of faux fur.

Attach the ears to hair clips, hair band, sweatband, elastic, a knit hat, whatever will stay on your head (or the head of your little critter).

A great alternative to faux fur are other furry fabrics like minky and velour. They are soft and fuzzy but at least half the price of fur. Another easy option is to use animal print cotton fabric.

Make a simple top and PJ pants or a dress, add some furry cuffs and you have something your little animal can wear again and again.

Have fun and be creative with your wild side!

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