Tuesday, September 23, 2014

Halloween How To: Try A Toga

Get at least four – five yards of 45” wide fabric (trust us, four is enough to wrap around your torso and then over a shoulder to drape or configure as you like). This will make the toga about knee length. If you want shorter, you can use 36” wide fabric, but you can still make the 45” fabric shorter with draping and pinning.

Wrap the fabric around you at least once, if not twice, and pin the fabric at the waist, on your left and right side.

Drape the rest of the fabric over your shoulder. Pin again to the waist in the back (this keeps it from sliding down in the back).

For a woman, you can twist, knot the fabric, or tie with some elastic or string at your shoulder to make it look more flattering. Then pin the fabric at your sides to keep your bust covered (you can also wear a tube top or camisole and pin the fabric to it to keep it in place.)
Another other options are to wrap the fabric around you starting at your side and going around the bust, pin and drape like described above. 

For a more "Dragon Queen" look, cut the 4-5 yards of fabric in half (into 2 ½-3 yard pieces) and using a ribbon or elastic tie around each piece at your shoulders. 

Then pin or sew the two pieces in the front, back and sides.

3 - 4 yards of belts of cording, ribbon or other trim can also be wrapped around the body to define your waist, or crisscross over the bust to help keep the fabric in place.

Search the Internet! There are at least ten different ways to wrap your toga! Use leaf trim in your hair, put on some sandals and away you go!

Click here to view our Toga Tutorial PDF, perfect for downloading and printing.

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