Tuesday, September 23, 2014

How To Succeed With Funky

Fall is almost here and it's time to get funky!

Time to shake things up and do something different. We have so many exciting changes happening as we transition into fall at Stonemountain, we want to make sure that you're in on all the action.

In this week's newsletter, we'll spotlight some of our inspiring staff, brand new independent patterns and inspirational customers. Let's end summer with a bang and start fall with some funk!
Always Creatively Yours,

Suzan Steinberg,

We asked our talented Stonemountain staff to wear in some of their own creations and show us what funky means to them. Brenna, Elise and Linda brought funky in full force. Inspired by celebration and travel, these ladies have created some amazing garments that include tassels, fringe, color blocking, ruffles and more.
Ruth, Mary Jane and Natalie showed off a more everyday funky, sporting simple silhouettes in bold prints. It's amazing what you can do with a fun, conversational print cotton. Inspired by the creativity of our staff, Suzan decided to get a little Funky herself! Read some of her blog post below and follow the link for more...

For me fall, like spring, is a time for renewal. It's that whole "back to school" mentality that we never seem to grow out of as September rolls around: time to gather sharp pencils and new notebooks, buy new dresses and boots, maybe try a fresh hairstyle. For those of us who sew, it's a time to peruse the new pattern books, check out the new fabrics and plan our fall/winter wardrobes.
This season I'm feeling the need to branch out a little with my fabric choices... and I have been inspired by our own staff here at Stonemountain. Most of them are sewists in their own right and their creativity and use of our fabrics inspires me to shake off the everyday Suzan and morph into: Funky Zan.

I'm surrounded with creativity every day at the store. Wow, these women can sew!!  Read more at FabricLady3.blogspot.com...

Meet Joann Kersten, devoted quilter and Stonemountaineer!
Joann has been gracious enough to let us show her amazing quilts, which she brings in to show us weekly. It's always a treat to see how she uses our fabrics in her designs, which range from traditional to free-form. She's brought in so many quilts, we made a whole photo album for her! See her other quilts on our Facebook. The show will be up in the store through October, so be sure to stop by and see 19 of Joann's incredible quilts lining our walls! 
Thanks for letting us show off your talent, Joann!

Off The Bolt! 
We love to see where our fabrics go, so don't hesitate to bring in your projects or send in photos of what you're working on. We're always looking for a chance to brag about our amazing customers!

Upcoming Classes 
Click on the links below to learn more about our classes starting this fall!

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