Wednesday, December 17, 2014

Celebrate Creativity

Suzan Steinberg, Owner
Dear Fabric Lovers,
What a year it's been for all of us at Stonemountain & Daughter Fabrics! Many folks have commented lately on what a sanctuary Stonemountain feels like amidst a vastly changing world. We all face many challenges in our personal lives, family, community and our planet. It is our vision to offer a space where we all celebrate the creativity of each other. Garment sewists, quilters and crafters all find more and more to delight them in our store and our classes. 2015 is going to be the best year ever at Stonemountain and we are so glad that each of you are apart of this mission.

Some of the areas we are celebrating include:
- Great selection of fabrics
- Great help
- Best Button Wall and Notions and Patterns
- Lots of parking in our neighborhood
- Coupons for our repeat customers
- Amazing garments and quilts on display
- Fabulous website - lots of great info!
Cheers to each of you! Please stop by and say hi!

Creatively yours,
New year, new classes! January is a great time to start, continue or finish a project (New Years resolutions, anyone?) in our Beginning & Beyond or Mini Beginning & Beyond. Learn to sew in just three hours in our Crash Course or Easy Intro classes. New techniques such as how to finish your seams or hand sew a hem are skills you can learn in Perfect Seams and Hand Sewing Basics classes! Click on any of the classes below to learn more.
Find the right book to ignite your creativity: whether is making clothes, embellishing with embroidery, or learning to quilt!
There are times in our fabric shopping moments when our exuberance takes control of our sensibilities and we purchase something that is not in our normal wheelhouse. Perhaps the texture or weave of the fabric is different from what we traditionally pick, but we want to step out a little...take a risk.  Or perhaps the color is not in our tried and true shades, but we love the idea of a new color (we can always wear a different shade or lipstick or dye our hair, after all!) Or perhaps we are so drawn to a wild print in the store we can't put it back - we have to have 5 yards - we'll think of something we can make! Read more at

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