Tuesday, April 7, 2015

Spotlight On: Cotton + Steel

Whether you're a quilter, garment sewer, or crafter, there's a good chance you've heard of Cotton + Steel. They've taken the fabric world by storm ever since their start! In 2013, veteran fabric designer Melody Miller approached RJR Fabrics with a novel idea:  five fabric designers with fun, bright, and playful individual collections would work together to make one cohesive and collaborative super collection.  Thank goodness RJR agreed with this brilliant plan!  These amazing designers—Melody Miller, Sarah Watts, Alexia Abegg, Kim Kight, and Rashida Coleman-Hale—have now created twenty-one collections that make up Cotton + Steel, and we're in love with all of them.

We want to share with you all some staff and customer projects that use Cotton + Steel so that you will feel the the inspiration as well!

Stonemountain began carrying Cotton + Steel about 7 months ago.  Not long after, one of our students, from our sewing school, finished this beautiful cotton dress in one of our sewing classes!  A dress like this that can span seasons is a must-have in the Bay Area.  If you're new to sewing like this customer was, any of our beginner classes will start you on your way!

Our very own Claire followed suit not too long after, creating the Piper Dress by Violette Field Threads out of one of the Toyko Train Ride Mystery Food cotton lawns.  She used a contrasting silk/cotton blend for the trim and the back bow.

Cotton + Steel octopus dresses aren't just for grown ups!  Via instagram, our customer notkendra sent us a picture of this adorable dress she sewed with the Toyko Train Ride Mystery Food cotton.  We love the waistband that turns into a bow in the back.  If you're interested in making clothes for the little ones in your life, try one of our newest classes, #671 Constructing Children's Clothing!

In addition to garment sewing, Cotton + Steel lends itself beautifully to quilting, crafting, home decorating...the list goes on.  Our Liz whipped up this quick bag, which was a perfect application for this large scale print!

And she's not the only one—Instagrammer and customer deepfriedcrafty made this bag from the Cargo Duffle (free!) pattern.  It's a perfect example of how Cotton + Steel patterns play nicely with each other.  We spot two Melody Miller prints in there!

Cotton + Steel recently branched out from just cotton.  Their Frock collection features collaborative designs printed on the most beautiful rayon.  You may have seen us posting pictures of Lauren's rayon top, made from Deer & Doe's Datura blouse pattern (only available in store.)

And last but certainly not least, Liz just finished this amazing mini-quilt.  This goes to show how easy it is to pair Cotton + Steel prints with other fabric collections, especially Japanese cottons from Echino and Kokka, which share a similar aesthetic.  We are obsessed with her gold hand quilting and binding!  If you'd like to learn these skills yourself, check out Angie Woolman's class #749 on Hand Quilting Stitches.  Or take a quilt lab (#777) with Fern Royce and work on your individual projects with her help!

Are you inspired yet?  Explore all the Cotton + Steel we carry in our online shop!

Have you ever used Cotton + Steel?  We'd love to see!  Send us pictures at info@stonemountainfabric.com or show some in a comment below!

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