Tuesday, December 22, 2015

Indie Pattern Month: January 2016

Starting January 1st, we invite you to join us in celebrating our independent pattern companies. Each day we'll be celebrating a different company and you're invited to post your garments, quilts, and bags each day with the tags #indiepatternmonth and @stonemountainfabric. We'll choose our favorite posts and share them with you!

We've been so inspired by the sewing photo challenges we've seen and participated in on Instagram, so we thought we'd try one of our own! As much as we love fabric (which is a lot), we love seeing what it becomes even more. Fabric holds such potential to fulfill our creative dreams and brings us inspiration to continue making. For the same reasons, we LOVE patterns, and especially independent pattern companies, who are run by amazing people with amazing stories.

Haven't heard of some of these indie companies? This is the perfect time to check them out. We're giving you a head start, so get going on that sewing! We carry all of these companies and more, and you can shop them here: SHOP SEWING PATTERNS.

Of course, we can't carry every indie pattern out there. There are other pattern companies that we love, but just don't carry at this time.  This is the perfect opportunity to let us know if there's a pattern line you'd like to see in store!

Need some inspiration?  Check out the FabricLady's Top Indie Patterns of 2015 Blog! Suzan and her seamstress Laurel have made some amazing garments this year using indie patterns, and they should really get your creative juices flowing.

We can't wait to see what you've made!

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