Monday, March 28, 2016

Three's a Charm Jacket Sewalong - End Result & Your Makes!

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Congratulations!  You've made a Three's a Charm Jacket!  It wasn't even that hard, was it?  We can't wait to see all your versions, but in the meantime, here's ours!

First off, here's our polka dot version that we've been sewing along to.

Lauren's Linen Mochi Dot Three's a Charm Jacket in size 40.

I did make some adjustments, but we first made the jacket exactly as is.  So what you see above is the size 40, no alterations!

Later, I went in and slimmed down the sleeves, as well as shortening them.  In retrospect, I might have wanted to take the side seams in a bit, but I don't care enough to take out all that topstitching!  ;)

Now let's see some other versions!  Claire made hers as soon as the pattern was released, using a cotton velveteen.  Love that pattern mixing!

Liz made hers in a nice cotton denim, and it was the perfect opportunity to use this adorable daisy trim!

Here's Natalie in a version made of a Japanese dobby cotton.  The fit was beyond perfect on this one!

Now it's your turn!  Send us pictures of your completed Three's a Charm Jacket at  And thank you so much for sewing along with us!  Let us know how you liked it and if there's any other sewalongs you'd like to see.

Until next time!  Happy sewing!


  1. Everyone's jacket looks great!

    1. Hi Ginger, just seeing this!!! We really love this jacket and it does look great on everybody! Hope to see you in the store someday!

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    1. Thank you Brooke! If you are ever in the Bay Area and can stop by, we have some up on display. It's really a wonderful jacket for all skill levels and seasons!