Thursday, October 20, 2016

The New Colette Sewing Planner!

I recently had the chance to visit Portland, OR for the first time ever, so I had a lot on my to-do list.  If you follow me on Instagram (lauren_leigh46 😉), you may have already seen my insane Voodoo doughnut.  But in addition to Voodoo, Powell's, and the Rose Garden, I knew I had to make plans to visit another Portland landmark:  Colette Patterns headquarters!

Stonemountain and Colette have had a longstanding relationship that is mutually beneficial:  we send them lovely fabric, and they supply us with fantastic sewing patterns.  As a buyer for Stonemountain, I am often in contact with pattern companies, making orders and giving feedback.  With Colette, I already felt like I knew the entire team, even if I never met them in person before.  They had always been so friendly and kind over email, so I totally felt welcome visiting their studio.  Which is GORGEOUS, by the way!

In addition to meeting the team, I was given a super special sneak peek into their next project, the Colette Sewing Planner.  I'm kind of obsessed with planners, so I was thrilled.  I've spent the last month contemplating my fall/winter wardrobe with the help of this little book, and now that's it's officially released, I can show you!

First off, the packaging and layout are beautiful.  I'd expect no less from Colette!  The cover has a fun foil effect and the 7" x 9" size is great.  Not too big, not too small.  The cute design on the inside is made up of symbols and lines you'd see on a pattern.  There's also a pocket in the back, which I consider essential for any planner.

Love that it's spiral bound!

Before you get to planning any projects, there's a section in the beginning that is like a condensed version of Colette's Wardrobe Architect.  It will really help you narrow down and focus on what you actually enjoy wearing.

Then it's time to get to planning!  After this introductory section, there's two main sections:  one for spring/summer, one for fall/winter.  At the beginning of each seasonal section, there's some pages to get you started.

First is a two-page spread on your goals for this season.  I love how focused this made me.  I'm always planning new projects when fabric arrives at the store (it's so dangerous!), but sometimes I can get carried away.  I really need to keep myself concentrated these next few months, because in addition to sewing my me-made wardrobe, I'm making my wedding dress!  When I'm not working on that behemoth of a project, I want to be working on more simplistic, everyday wear that I can be comfortable in both at work and at home.  I'm all about cozy this season!

This will be the first and last time you see me draw...

The next pages also help you think about the big picture.  One is for inspiration and the other is for your color palette, but I pretty much used both for inspiration.  This was so much fun to make.  It was arts and crafts time!

My fall aesthetic can best be described as "Dog with Flannel Blanket in Boat."

From there, there are lots of pages for designing your individual projects.  These pages are the bread and butter of the planner.  One side has a place you can write everything down, and the facing page is gridded for sketching.  However, I can't draw to save my life, so I printed out line drawings of the patterns along with further RTW inspiration.

When I first saw these pages, I realized how much more I would enjoy this book instead of a basic sketchbook.  I love the idea of planning my sewing, but realistically I'm just not going to draw it out.  Writing it down, however, really appeals to me!  And the prompts given are perfect.

Safran Pants by Deer and Doe in Black 10oz Stretch Denim

I never really thought about which "learning resources" I use for each project, but now I do!  The Linden Sweatshirt is a basic design so I won't need any help with the actual sewing, but I definitely used my co-buyer's Linden expertise to determine which size to make.  Thanks for the help, Liz!

Linden Sweatshirt by Grainline Studio in Cloud 9 Organic Cotton Interlock with Ivory Bamboo/Cotton Ribbing

I also like that the supplies list is broken up into what you have and what you need to buy.  How many of us have unthinkingly bought notions that we already have at home??

Kelly Anorak by Closet Case Files

Did I mention how much I liked my little art project?  It was so much fun to scour the internet for inspiration.

Oslo Cardigan by Seamwork

There's something about seeing your thoughts down on paper that really keeps your brain more organized, you know?

Rosari Skirt by Pauline Alice (a pattern we don't have now, but may in the future!) in Merlot 14 Wale Corduroy

After all the planning pages, there's a Resources section which has some appropriate tips and tables.

The little sewing tips on the bottom of the page are peppered throughout the entire book.

I love the multi-sized croquis at the end, too.  Let's be honest; one size never fits all.

And at the very end, there's pages to reflect.  I think this is really important for home sewers to do often.  I know it's important for me, at least.  Sometimes when I get sucked into an Instagram hole or when I read sewing blogs, I get overwhelmed by the amount of things I'd love to sew.  It probably doesn't help that my job surrounds me with amazing fabric and patterns, either.  But by taking a step back to reflect, I am reminded of my own awesomeness!

Not to toot my own horn or anything, but I deserve to feel proud of my accomplishments, right?  I did that "2016 Make Nine" thing on Instagram last December where I planned nine garments I'd like to make in 2016.  I told myself then that making my first pair of jeans was my ultimate goal.  And now I've made four!

Now that I've shown you my fall/winter wardrobe plans, let me show you some of the garments I've checked off so far!

Cardigan sweaters are my favorite way to keep warm.  Easy to throw over any top and so comfy.  I'm a sucker for a soft sweater knit!

The Oslo Cardigan is just so cozy!

And here are my Safran pants with their crazy neon highlighter yellow topstitching.  I adore the fit of Deer and Doe patterns on me, and these are no different.  I actually made no adjustments whatsoever!

Shown with my Tunic No. 1 by 100 Acts of Sewing in a Me + You batik

And just in time for your fall sewing, we have the Colette Sewing Planner in stock now!  It's available online and in store.  I hope you enjoy it as much as I did!

❤, Lauren

P.S. Thanks again to the lovely ladies at Colette for a fabulous time!


  1. So glad you enjoyed the planner! And it was so nice to meet you in person :). Your Safran jeans are fabulous!

    1. Aw thanks Taylor! You designed such a beautiful product!

  2. Thank you for showing us your planner. I purchased one and was not quite sure if it would help me organize ALL my sewing ideas for this season, but seeing how you used the planner helps biggly! Cant wait to get started!

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  4. stupid question... what type of tape are your using?

    1. Haha not at all! I think it's called "artist's tape." It's kind of papery, like washi tape, but thicker.