Tuesday, June 13, 2017

Announcing the Stonemountain Summer of Love Sew-In!

To celebrate the 50th anniversary of the Summer of Love and to commemorate the opening of Bob Steinberg's Fabric Emporium (also 50 years ago!), we are hosting a community sewing challenge! This summer, we invite you to channel your inner hippie and create something inspired by the Summer of Love.

How to Participate:

1.  Sew something inspired by the Summer of Love.  This could be a garment, a quilt, a bag, anything!  And it doesn't have to be anything explicitly 60's, just inspired by the Summer of Love and whatever means to you.

2.  Share it!  Use the hashtag #sewingsummeroflove, email info@stonemountainfabric.com, or come by the store.

3.  Optional:  Join us for our wrap party at the end of the summer if you're local or in town on Labor Day!  More information on this will be announced later.


Throughout the summer, there will be three giveaway days.  To enter, just follow steps 1 & 2 above! The giveaway days are as follows:

  • July 5th
  • August 1st
  • September 5th

On these days, we will randomly select three winners, who will each receive one pattern of their choice! Anyone who has made something during the challenge dates (June 14—September 5) is eligible.  That means that the July 5th giveaway will have the least amount of entries, and thus the best chances of winning.  Multiple entries and international makers are welcome!

Why is it called a Sew-In?

On a surface level, the 1967 Summer of Love started some fashion trends that we're still loving: flared jeans, mini A-line dresses, dramatic maxi skirts, big floppy hats...we could go on.  The 1960's and 1970's are some of our favorite times for fashion, and we love to reimagine them in more contemporary ways.  But the Summer of Love was about more than just flower crowns and fringed jackets.  It was a celebration of the counterculture and an expression of peaceful rebellion.

Most people trace the beginnings of the Summer of Love to the Human Be-In, which was a huge gathering in Golden Gate Park in January 1967, signaling the start of a new "hippie" movement.  A few months later, Bob Steinberg took his daughter Suzan to the Love-In, another hippie happening in Los Angeles. (Spoiler Alert:  This father/daughter team went on to open our Berkeley store!  Read more about that here on the FabricLady blog.)

All these "-Ins" play off of the notion of a "sit-in," and we believe that concept still resonates with a lot of people today.  There is so much going on in the world that is frustrating, depressing, and scary, but we are encouraged when we see people come together and make their voices heard.  For example, we loved being a pink fabric source for the Women's March this last January!  We found it so inspiring to see how many were taking action.  We want to carry on that energy into this summer, like the Human Be-In led into the Summer of Love.

Fabric really brings us together, and sewing gives us a chance to slow down, take a breath, and create something with our own two hands.  With social media, we now have the opportunity to connect with other sewists around the world.  We may not all be converging on Haight and Ashbury, but we can come together this summer to celebrate creativity, community, and of course, love!