Tuesday, October 3, 2017

Indie Pattern Halloween Inspiration

Halloween is one of the best times of the year at Stonemountain—we love helping our customers get creative with their costumes and it’s the perfect excuse to use the extra fun fabrics like fur and sequins. And in case you’re not one of those people who immediately start planning next year’s costume on November 1st, we’ve got you covered with inspiration too!

Though we no longer carry the standard costume patterns from McCall’s and the other big pattern companies, we have plenty of patterns that can be adapted for Halloween. And even better, you can use the pattern again for year-round garment making. Below are some patterns that can be transformed into amazing costumes with just a little thinking outside the box (or the pattern envelope!). Many of these are quick to sew, perfect for those procrastinators out there.

A bodysuit and tights is the base for many a Halloween costume—just add ears, a tail, and some simple face paint and you can be practically any animal you can think of. But if wearing a bodysuit in public isn’t your thing, this pattern also comes with a bodycon-style dress that’s a perfect blank slate for customization.

Need an idea? Be "out of this world" with our Galaxy Print cotton spandex!

One of the most popular costumes last year was Eleven from the Netflix show Stranger Things. With the new season coming out just a few days before Halloween, we bet Eleven will be a hit this year too. Make her iconic pink dress with the Emery pattern by Christine Haynes, a simple collared dress with a gathered skirt. Shaving your head is optional!

These patterns don’t need any modifications to be excellent Halloween costumes! Any Decades of Style pattern will give you a great vintage look, but my favorites are 1920s flapper, 1930s movie star, and 1940s rodeo gal. That last one also works great for a Dolly Parton costume—just add some rhinestones and the biggest blonde wig you can find.

Pattern-less Costumes

If following a pattern is more than you want to take on this Halloween, then there are lots of options for costumes that don’t require any instructions. Want to be a butterfly, bird or dragon? Our huge array of felt is waiting to be cut and glued into any kind of wings you can dream of. And our in-store Fur Mountain has what you need to make a quick animal costume—or you can pile them on in layers for a Game of Thrones look.

My personal favorite costume idea is courtesy of this year’s New York Fashion Week. Designer Jeremy Scott’s flower bouquet look for Moschino can be easily replicated with a swath of white tulle, a wide strip of red satin, and a bundle of fake flowers. Glamorous and fun!

What’s your Halloween costume-making style? Do you prefer to use a pattern or do you like to just wing it?

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